Home Automation System in Nepal 2022
Home Automation

What is Home Automation?

The term “home automation” describes the automatic and electronic management of functions, activities, and equipment in a home. In other words, it implies you can simply manage the amenities and features of your home via the Internet to improve convenience, increase security. In fact, you can even save money on utility costs.

How does Home Automation Works?

A network of hardware, communication, and electronic interfaces called home automation connects commonplace devices to one another over the Internet. Whether you’re at home or thousands of miles away, you can control each gadget from your smartphone or tablet. As they all have sensors and WiFi connectivity. No matter where you are, you may use this to turn on the lights, lock the front door, or even lower the heat.

Three Major components of home automation are: Sensors, Controllers and Actuators

  • Sensors can keep an eye on variations in temperature, sunshine, or motion. Then, according to your preferences, home automation systems can change those settings and more.
  • Controllers refer to the device: Messages on the state of automated features in your home are sent and received via personal computers, tablets, or smartphones.
  •  Actuators control actual mechanism or function of home automation system , which can be light switches, motors, or motorized valves. They are set up to be activated by a controller’s remote instruction.

What are the features available through Home Automation system:

Systems for home automation provide a range of services and capabilities. The most equally impoetant features offered by these platforms are as follow:

  • monitoring for fires and carbon monoxide
  • Remote control of the lights
  • Thermostat management
  • Appliance management
  • Cameras and home automation security
  • Live video monitoring
  • Alarm mechanisms
  • Alerts through text and email in real-time
  • Integration of a digital personal assistant
  • No-key entry
  • Voice command activation

What are the benefits:

  • Remote Access:

Firstly, you can control your house via a laptop, tablet, or smartphone if you have a mobile device.

  • Comfort:

Secondly, you can make your home cozier and more livable by utilizing home automation. When you pre-program your thermostat with your chosen settings, your home will always be at a pleasant temperature. You can  set up smart speakers to play music when you return home from work or change the brightness or softness of your lights according to the time of day.

  • Convenience:

Thirdly,  you can set up devices to switch on automatically at specific times or to provide remote access from any location with an Internet connection. And you can focus on more essential things when you don’t have to remember to lock the door behind you or turn out the lights.

  • Increased Safety:

Smart pressure sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire detectors, and other security features for home automation can consequently help safeguard your house from tragedy.

  • Energy Efficiency:

The use of home automation enables you to be more energy-conscious. Reduce the amount of time that lights are left on or lower the temperature in a room when you leave it to reduce energy use.

Contact us or visit our website to get a fully integrated home automation system set up in your home today. After the professional installation of a home automation system is complete, you can enjoy the benefits of living in a safer, smarter home.



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Home Automation System in Nepal 2022

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