Cyber Connect 2024: An Unprecedented Success in Event Management by Flyup Technology

Kathmandu, Nepal – The highly anticipated “Cyber Connect 2024” event, hosted at the prestigious Hotel Marriott in Naxal, Kathmandu, was a resounding success, showcasing the exceptional event management capabilities of Flyup Technology. This technically demanding event, organized by Ganese Solution Nepal, brought together leading experts and professionals to discuss pressing issues in cybersecurity and financial services resilience.

The event, held on May 30, 2024, was meticulously managed by Flyup Technology, underscoring their prowess in handling large-scale technical events. The company’s contributions were pivotal in ensuring the seamless execution of the conference, making it a benchmark for future events in Nepal.

Key Highlights of Flyup Technology’s Event Management Services:

  1. High-Definition LED Rental Screen: Flyup Technology installed a 13 ft height and 26 ft width HD LED screen, providing crystal-clear visuals that enhanced the experience for all attendees.
  2. Live Social Media Broadcasting: The event was broadcast live on various social media platforms, managed flawlessly by Flyup Technology, expanding the reach of Cyber Connect 2024 beyond the confines of the venue.
  3. Camera and Videography Management: Professional-grade camera and videography services ensured that every moment of the event was captured with high precision and quality.
  4. Sound System Management: Superior sound system management guaranteed clear and audible communication throughout the event, vital for both speakers and participants.
  5. Microphones and Computer Laptops: Flyup Technology provided and managed all necessary microphones and computer laptops, ensuring smooth presentations and interactive sessions.
  6. Stage Platform Management: The stage setup was expertly handled, creating an engaging and professional environment for the speakers and panelists.


Event Program Overview:

  • Opening and Welcome Remarks: The event commenced at 12:00 pm with registration, followed by opening remarks and a warm welcome to the attendees.
  • Keynote Sessions: The first session included discussions on quantum computing and its threat to cybersecurity, followed by a session on the vulnerabilities of thoughts and actions being hacked.
  • Lunch Break: A break from 1:20 pm to 2:30 pm allowed participants to network and refresh.
  • Panel Discussions and Keynote Speech: The afternoon sessions included in-depth discussions on cybersecurity as a business imperative and a panel featuring prominent industry leaders.
  • Tea Break: A short break at 3:30 pm provided a breather before the final sessions.
  • Second Session: The post-tea break session focused on cyber insurance and risk management, concluding with a speech by the NBA and distribution of tokens of appreciation.
  • Networking Dinner: The event concluded with a networking dinner, providing a platform for further interactions and discussions.

The success of Cyber Connect 2024 highlights the critical role of Flyup Technology in providing comprehensive event management solutions in Kathmandu and across Nepal. Their expertise ensures that every aspect of an event is executed with precision, from technical setups to live broadcasting.

Flyup Technology continues to set new standards in the event management industry, making them the go-to solution provider for high-profile events in Nepal. For more details on their services and upcoming projects, visit the Flyup Technology blog section on their website.

About Flyup Technology

Flyup Technology specializes in providing state-of-the-art event management services, including HD LED screens, live broadcasting, sound systems, and more. Their commitment to excellence ensures that every event they manage is a remarkable success.

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Cyber Connect 2024: An Unprecedented Success in Event Management by Flyup Technology

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