CCTV cameras available in Nepal
CCTV cameras available in Nepal | Fly Up Technology

With such a big amount of different kinds of CCTV cameras on the market, there is currently a spread of solutions for each trade. As a result of this large variation, it will be tough to decide which CCTV camera is correct for your business.

The nine most well-liked varieties of CCTV cameras out there are:

  1. Dome CCTV Cameras
  2. Bullet CCTV Cameras
  3. C-Mount CCTV Cameras
  4. PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras
  5. Day/Night CCTV Cameras
  6. Infrared/night vision CCTV Cameras
  7. Network/IP CCTV Cameras
  8. Wireless CCTV Cameras
  9. High Definition (H D) CCTV Cameras


Are you inquisitive about that CCTV camera to shop for your business premises? We’ve summarized the advantages of each of the various varieties of CCTV systems below. Use our knowledgeable guide to pick an answer that fits the purpose and provides the extent of security you need, so as to safeguard your property and workers.






As the name suggests, these cameras are square measures designed to control optimally in black conditions. They bring home the bacon this by victimization infrared technology. Infrared models square measure dearer than day/night cameras and people choosing this selection sometimes do this as a result of night recording are significant to the safety of their business.

MAIN edges


  • Infrared LEDs permit clear recording even in black environments
  • An infrared cut filter activates within the day time for clear pictures in lighter conditions
  • Can capture pictures even within the presence of fog, mud, or smoke
  • Records color representational process within the day time and black and white at midnight



This is the simplest CCTV camera for visual modality practicality. It’s thus the perfect alternative for people who want ultra-reliable recording in complete darkness. An example, are banks, farms, and producing plants.




These cameras share live footage across the net thus pictures are often accessed from any place in the world. The information measure of the video is compressed, to create the net feed reliability. Archive footage is kept on network video recorders (NVR) or on a secure software package for later access.

MAIN edges


  • The footage is frequently viewed online from any place within the world
  • Easily accessible archive footage
  • Easy setup as coaxial cables and a pc station isn’t needed
  • Low maintenance



A network or information science CCTV camera is the ideal alternative for business homeowners World Health Organization square measure is usually aloof from websites and on the move. The footage is often viewed from any place within the world, via a sensible device like a computer, portable computer, or movable.





Wireless CCTV cameras take more or less time for installation. They additionally create the looks of the abundant camera tidier, which can be a crucial issue for locations like churches, museums, or stately homes.

MAIN edges


  • Easier to put in than your average CCTV system
  • Discreet and tidy look and a less obtrusive fitting
  • Images transmitted over the net thus are often viewed anyplace
  • Secure storage and simple access to archive footage



If a clean presentation is vital in your business, wireless CCTV cameras square measure an excellent security choice. Their discreet look helps them to mix into the in side. What’s a lot of, there’s less came upon, and camera maintenance needed, and pictures are transferred via the net for convenient access.





HD CCTV cameras supply Associate in Nursing matchless image quality that delivers high clarity pictures. Betting on your budget, they will deliver resolutions of 720p, all the far to 4K. Therefore, there’s no danger that the topic of recordings can ever seem granulose or distorted.

MAIN edges

  • High-definition footage captures subjects in exquisite clarity
  • Zoom perform helps you achieve extra clarity.
  • Available on most CCTV models like domes and bullets
  • Crystal clear representational process provides simple criminal identification



High-risk environments greatly benefit from the use of high-definition cameras due to their notable effectiveness in deterring theft. Businesses like banks and casinos ought to select HD cameras, to confirm that guests to their premises square measure captured in magnificent clarity. The footage recorded is ready to give simple identification in the event of a criminal offense being committed.





A dome CCTV camera gets its name from the dome-shaped casing that the camera sits in. while these square measure comparatively discreet CCTV cameras in look, this doesn’t stop them from deterring criminals. This is often a result of the dome casing makes it very troublesome for folks to visualize the direction the camera is informed. This creates an Associate in Nursing air of uncertainty for potential thieves or vandals approaching from all directions.

MAIN edges

  • The unobtrusive style suggests that it’s simple to suit
  • Suitable for in door and out side use
  • Vandal-resistant dome suggests that it’s tougher to interfere with the camera
  • 360°-degree rotation of the camera thus you’ll be able to cowl all angles


This is the simplest form of CCTV camera for out lets, restaurants, casinos, hotels, and different cordial reception businesses as a result of the planning permit you to watch a wider angle at your premises. Several additionally take into account this selection to be the simplest in door CCTV camera because it is often placed on a strategic purpose of the ceiling to hide all angles of the area while not being intrusive in style.





Bullet CCTV cameras have an Associate in a Nursing painting style that’s extremely visible. {They square measure| they’re} cylindrical in form and are capable of observing long distances. Bullet cameras square measure most typically placed out doors thus their casings square measure created immune to water, mud, and dirt.

MAIN edges

  • Highly visible thus acts as a deterrent to criminals
  • Resistant to dirt in difficult environments
  • Provides police investigation over long distances
  • Casing additionally protects against glare and rain


Bullet cameras often won’t too smart impact on a variety of industries like production, property management, and farming. They do not solely record smart quality footage but additionally transmit a message to passers-by that your premises are below police investigation. That’s why they need historically offered the simplest CCTV for out door operation.






C – Mount CCTV cameras are the perfect choice for those that might need to adapt the sphere of vision. They’re equipped with detachable lenses that may be switched around to observe varied distances. C – Mount cameras are usually large and thus, like bullet cameras, act as a lucid deterrent to criminal activity.

MAIN advantages

  • Special lenses may be fitted to the camera to increase its vary on the far side forty feet
  • Highly visible look that deters criminals
  • A rugged camera casing may be additional to guard the camera in cold environments
  • Weather proof housing makes it ideal for out side use


This is the perfect camera for perceptive a stretch of road on the approach to your premises. It’s thus fashion able within the utilities and supplying industries. Those operational within the food and producing industries can also elect for this selection, thanks to the camera’s dependableness in extreme temperatures.






Your security team will have complete control over what is recorded with a PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom) camera. At the bit of a button, the lens system will pan left and right, tilt up and down, or concentrate and out. It’s the perfect alternative if you’ve got a guard U N agency is observation a live video go after web site.

MAIN advantages

  • Optical zoom on these cameras suggests that you’ll be able to focus closely on subjects
  • 360° degree field of vision is provided with this camera.
  • Image resolution is typically impeccable so facial expression may be distinguished
  • The security team has full management of recording and might react to measure things


This is the most effective CCTV camera for remote viewing. This CCTV system is widely regarded as the most effective for business premises that need to guard a specific valuable object, and it is highly fashionable in giant retail environments. For instance, a deposit might program the camera to pan to a specific entry or exit purpose once it detects movement. Thus even once it’s not being controlled remotely, by covering a much larger area, the camera will perform a similar job to many static cameras.






These cameras are designed specifically to work effectively, not with standing how well – lit their atmosphere is. Throughout each day time and night-time, they’re going to record clear video pictures that may not be obscured by differing light weight conditions. Their further sensitive imaging chips often enable this achievement.

MAIN advantages

  • Clear recording in low light weight
  • They typically record in each color and black and white
  • Can perform despite glare, direct day light, reflections, and poor lighting
  • The casing protects the camera against the weather for out door police work


There are varied CCTV camera varieties suited to out side use however the additional sensitive imaging of each day and night imaging mode makes this one camera sort distinctive. It’s thus the perfect CCTV system for business premises that need round-the-clock CCTV observation in an out side atmosphere with varied light weight conditions

Best Brands of CCTV Available in Nepal



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CCTV cameras available in Nepal | Fly Up Technology

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CCTV cameras available in Nepal

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