EC850 Portable Conductivity/TDS Meter


The Apera Instruments EC850 Portable Conductivity/TDS Meter Kit is designed for lab-grade conductivity measurement in the field with various intelligent functions and a rugged structure.


Instrument Features

  • Ideal for use in harsh environments — IP57 Waterproof rating, silicone socket protector and grip cover protect the instrument from general impact.
  • The large LCD displays conductivity/TDS and temperature along with icons of stable readings and finished calibrations.
  • The foldable stand allows use as a benchtop meter.


Conductivity Features

  • The BPB 2301T-S Conductivity/Temperature Electrode adopts a brush-resistant platinum black coated sensor, which ensures a lab-grade measuring accuracy (±1% F.S ±1 digit) in an ultra-wide range (0 to 200,000 µS/cm / 200 mS/cm).
  • Quick and easy 1-3 point conductivity calibration
  • Built-in self-diagnosis ensures conductivity calibration will be performed correctly and guides you on how to fix common problems.
  • Single-tap switch among conductivity and TDS.
  • TDS conversion factor can be set from 0.40 to 1.00.
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The Apera Instruments EC850 Portable Conductivity/TDS Meter Kit is the most economical choice for a reliable portable conductivity meter. Equipped with Apera’s BPB (Brush-Resistant Platinum Black) conductivity sensor/electrode/tester, the meter tests EC, TDS, and temperature simultaneously in a quick and accurate manner (Accuracy: +/- 1.0% F.S, Range: 0 to 200mS, 0 to 50 C(32 to 122 F) Auto or Manual Temperature Compensation).


We warrant EC850 Portable instrument to be free from defects in material and workmanship and agree to repair or replace free of charge, at the option of APERA INSTRUMENTS, LLC, any malfunctioned or damaged product attributable to the responsibility of APERA INSTRUMENTS, LLC for a period of THREE YEARS for the instrument and SIX MONTHS for the probe from the delivery.

This limited warranty does NOT cover any issues due to:

  • Accidental damage
  • Improper use
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Transportation
  • Storage
  • Failure to follow the product instructions
  • Unauthorized maintenance, modifications, combination or use with any products, materials, processes, systems or other matter
  • Unauthorized repair
  • External causes such as accidents, abuse, or other actions or events beyond our reasonable control.
    What’s in the Kit?
    • EC850 meter
    • 2301T-S conductivity/temp. electrode
    • 50ml of conductivity standards (1413µS, 12.88mS, 84µS)
    • screwdriver (for battery replacement)
    • instruction manual
    • carrying case
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Technical Specifications

Cond. Measuring Range Conductivity:0~200 mS/cm, divided into five ranges, automatically switch measuring range.

(0 to 19.99) μS/cm;

(20.0 to 199.9) μS/cm;

(200 to 1999) μS/cm;

(2.00 to 19.99) mS/cm;

(20.0 to 199.9) mS/cm

TDS: (0 to 100) ppt(g/L)

Resolution 0.01/0.1/1μS/cm  0.01/0.1 mS/cm
Accuracy ±1.0% FS ±1 digit
Temperature Compensation Range  (0 to 50)˚C (Auto. or Manual)
Cell constant 0.1/1/10 cm-1
Temp. Measuring Range 0 to 100℃
Resolution 0.1℃
Accuracy ±0.5℃±1 digit


Other Specifications

Data Storage N/A
Storage Content N/A
Power 3* AA alkaline batteries
Dimension & Weight Meter: (88*170*33)mm / 313g

Case: (360*270*76)mm / 1.6kg

Connector RCA for temperature, 8-pin for conductivity
 What’s in the box?  EC850 meter, 2301T-S conductivity/temp. electrode, 50ml of conductivity standards (1413µS, 12.88mS, 84µS), screwdriver (for battery replacement), instruction manual, carrying case

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EC850 Portable Conductivity/TDS Meter

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