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Welcome to FlyUp Technology, where we proudly present our state-of-the-art Basic School Management System. Designed with modernity, simplicity, and user-friendliness in mind, our system is built on the highly acclaimed WordPress platform, known for its exceptional performance and versatility. With WordPress as our foundation, we offer you the best-in-class features for managing your school effortlessly.

Our Basic School Management System provides an intuitive Admin (Director) and Teacher Dashboard, empowering you with complete control over various aspects of your school. From managing students, staff, users, parents, classes, subjects, academic years, marks, incomes, expenses, and much more, our system offers you a comprehensive toolkit to streamline your administrative tasks efficiently. Experience the power of WordPress as it seamlessly integrates with our feature-rich solution.

At FlyUp Technology, we believe in harnessing the strengths of WordPress to create a remarkable school management experience. Join us and witness the superior performance, flexibility, and scalability that WordPress brings to your educational institution. Experience the unparalleled convenience and efficiency of our advanced solution designed specifically for modern schools like yours.


Our Basic School Management System offers a comprehensive range of features to streamline your school’s operations:

  1. Student, Teacher, Staff, Parent, and User Management: Effortlessly manage all stakeholders involved in your school community, including students, teachers, staff, parents, and users.
  2. Academic Year Management: Organize and manage academic years, ensuring smooth transitions and efficient planning.
  3. Section, Class, and Classroom Management: Effectively allocate sections, classes, and classrooms to optimize resources and accommodate student needs.
  4. Subject Management: Simplify subject administration by efficiently assigning and managing subjects for different classes.
  5. Income and Expense Management: Track and manage financial transactions, including incomes and expenses, to maintain a clear overview of your school’s financial health.
  6. Human Resources (HR) Management: Efficiently handle staff-related information, including recruitment, payroll, leave management, and more.
  7. Timetable Management: Create and manage timetables for classes and teachers, ensuring a well-organized and balanced schedule.
  8. Attendance Management: Streamline attendance tracking for students and staff, ensuring accurate records and efficient monitoring.
  9. Marks Management: Effortlessly record and manage student marks, enabling easy assessment and progress tracking.
  10. Events Management: Plan and organize school events, keeping everyone informed about important dates and activities.
  11. Library Management: Efficiently manage your school library, including book cataloging, lending, returns, and inventory tracking.
  12. Transport Management: Streamline transport operations, including route management, vehicle tracking, and student transportation information.
  13. Reports: Generate a wide range of reports to gain insights into various aspects of your school, including student performance, teacher evaluation, financial records, attendance logs, and more.
  14. User Access Roles: Assign different roles and permissions to users, ensuring secure and controlled access to the system based on individual responsibilities.

With our Basic School Management System, you can streamline your administrative tasks, enhance communication. And  improve overall efficiency in managing your school. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our feature-rich solution.

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School-Management-System | Flyup Technology

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Basic School Management System with Website and App

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