Nashik Savings and Loan Co-operative Ltd.

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About Nashik:

Nashik Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Ltd. is dedicated to contributing to social and economic development. Located in Siddhalek-1, Nalang, Baireni, Dhading, our cooperative was established under the Cooperative Act 2048 and registered in the Kathmandu Cooperative Office on 2054-10-12 (Registration No. 284/054/055). We operate under the name “Nashik Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Ltd.”

Our primary activities include cooperative farming, animal husbandry, and the distribution of products. Additionally, we provide modern amenities such as drinking water and electricity, and work towards bringing local products to international markets. Nashik Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Ltd. has extensive service branches and is committed to aiding local development, continually striving to achieve our social and economic goals.

Contact Information:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +977-9843093186
  • Location: Siddhalek-1, Nalang, Baireni, Dhading, Nepal

Nashik Savings and Credit Cooperative Society Ltd., developed by Flyup Technology Pvt. Ltd., is devoted to fostering social and economic growth within our community. Thank you for supporting our mission and trusting us with your financial needs.



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Nashik Savings and Loan Co-operative Ltd.

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