A Full dynamic school website 

Himaldarshan.edu.np-school  Website

General Information

  • Status : Active 
  • Address : Solukhumbu,Nepal
  • Category :School Website
  • Website Type : Dynamic 
  • CMS : WordPress 
  • Lunch Year : 2077
  • Develop By : FlyUp Technology 
  • Hosting Package : Unlimited 
  • Bandwith Limit : No Limit 

Best of  This Project 

  1. Live Chat 
  2. Appointment Schedule 
  3. Online Booking System 
  4. Staff Profile / Staff management 
  5. Mobile/Tablet/Ipad Responsive
  6. High Speed 
  7. Online Shopping Cart 
  8. Verified* SLL Certificate
  9. Auto Email Reply 





Himal Darshan is a school website.

Features of This Project … 

Live Chat

Customers prefer live chat to other communication methods, such as email and social media. That means that offering live chat can give you a leg up over your competitors’ sites that lack such an option.

Easy to Navigate website design

News website design which must have easy to navigate that will be more likely to reach the audience than those without. The menu of the news website must be simple and in the right position.

Integration with Social media

People in the present world mostly stay with social media channel like Facebook and Twitter. Where they can share news to their social media channels. 

Appointment Function

Appointments are often overlooked in the e-commerce process with companies tending to focus on marketing and outreach. That’s a shame because an inaccessible (or confusing) appointment system can wreck an otherwise great advertising campaign.

Standard Custom Form

standard form contracts include reduced cost, speedy bidding, easy familiarity with contract terms, higher confidence in contract terms, less room for deviation, and an established body of case laws for future reference.

Book your Time

When you think about the workflow of your customer service staff, it’s plain to see that an awful lot of time is taken up handling phone calls from people looking to book, explaining options to customers and managing schedules.


Once the readers have gone through the news, they must be given the option to comment on the news which is an excellent news website design. As most of the users want to express their views on particular news such as like and dislike, some opinion and somehow raise their voice.

Frequent news updates

Continuous content update is essential for the existence of your news website. The news website that having continuous news updates will attract the audience. Moreover, frequent content updates also affect your results in the search engine as well.

Enough Advertisement space

In any news website, monetary features are as important as content service features. Placing the advertisement part in the right place in the news website is very crucial for getting the perks. The perfect place for banner ads is both left and right sidebars.

Responsive news Website

The news website must have a responsive design that makes the news website look excellent on any device like laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Having a responsive news website will allow readers to access your content the way they love. 

SSL certificate

SSL stands for a secure socket layer. It is a cryptography protocol that seeks to maintain secure Internet communication. An SSL certificate offers a protected internet connection, usually between the browser of a user and the website they visit.